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Here’s 3 off the cuff, rough and tumble, rough and ready, fly - on - the - wall shaky bouncing hand-held LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS featuring 3 original songs!



Here's some rough and ready, rough and tumble LIVE OUTDOOR RECORDINGS of six of our ORIGINAL TUNES from our recent show at the Noe Valley’s Farmer’s Market, San Francisco, on Sat. Oct. 5th 2019.


1. Treasure Island (Coffey BMI)

2. King of the Cowboys (Coffey BMI)

3. Nice to See You (Coffey BMI)

4. Oprah Winfry (Coffey BMI)

5. Another Plan (Coffey BMI)

6. She Said “I’ll Pay" (Coffey BMI)

The following are a couple of double-track home recorded songwriter demos of new songs. These are rough and ready songwriter's demos that will be used to help teach band members new material. Loose and raw, there's a certain vitality and freshness in these quickly recorded demos.

1. I Outlived Jesus (Coffey BMI)

2. Winters Garden (Coffey BMI)

And HERE’S a studio recording of an original instrumental-

Patricia (Coffey BMI)

When you come see us live we'll be playing these and many others.

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