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The following videos were posted here to give potential audio producers an opportunity to review original songs as an aid in the studio recording process- to introduce potential producers to the music to be recorded. Recorded in the weeks leading up to the pandemic, here’s 11 original songs in off the cuff, rough and tumble, rough and ready, fly-on-the-wall shaky bouncing hand-held LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS recorded at various venues across the Bay Area - LIVE in the Bay Area in 2020!



Kevin and Gibson performed as an electric duo in the following live performances- here’s 3 more rough and ready, rough and tumble LIVE OUTDOOR RECORDINGS  of  ORIGINAL TUNES that aren’t represented above. Noe Valley’s Farmer’s Market, San Francisco, Sat. Oct. 5th 2019.


1. Treasure Island (Coffey BMI)

2. Nice to See You (Coffey BMI)

3. She Said “I’ll Pay" (Coffey BMI)

When you come see us live we'll be playing these and many others.

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Rehersal Set 1. 7-28-21

Rehearsal Set 2. 7-8-21

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