Video Demos -

Friends, this is Kevin Coffey and when I’m not singing and playing with A TALENT FOR MISCHIEF I am a professional illustrator, animator and filmmaker. Here’s the FIRST MUSIC VIDEO I’ve created featuring an instrumental from our VERY FIRST 15 TRACK SELF - TITLED ALBUM called “Road Trip” (download the entire album FOR FREE right here). Enjoy the show!

Friends, here’s 9 LIVE performance videos from an outdoor post- pandemic show from Jan. 16th 2022 at the FABULOUS WINTERS TAVERN roadhouse in beautiful Pacifica, California. SEE YOU SOON PACIFICA AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

Recorded in the weeks leading up to the pandemic, here’s 11 original songs in off the cuff, rough and tumble, rough and ready, fly-on-the-wall shaky bouncing hand-held LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS recorded at various venues across the Bay Area - LIVE in the Bay Area in 2020!


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