Audio demos

The following represent several multi-track home recorded demos of a few favorites. 

Useful in working out parts, sounds and approaches and with a fair degree of polish, the next step for these will be professional studio re-recording.

1. Patricia (instrumental version) (Coffey BMI)


2. Another Plan (Coffey BMI)*

3. Love On Line (Coffey)*


                               Special thanks to Todd Grady and Cameron Ray for assistance in producing demos marked * 

                                        Special thanks to DJ Jimmy Lyons for assistance in producing “Patricia (instrumental version)"

Here's a LIVE PERFORMANCE from a show at the fabulous 50 Mason Social House. It went over so well we were promptly invited back. 

Fiesta (Coffey BMI) LIVE from 50 MASON 

The following are several double-track home recorded songwriter demos of new songs.

These are rough and ready songwriter's demos that will be used to help teach band mates new material. Loose and raw, there's a certain vitality and freshness in these quickly recorded demos.

1. I Outlived Jesus (Coffey BMI)

2. Balls Of Steel (Coffey BMI)

3. Winter Garden (Coffey BMI)

When you come see us live we'll be playing these and many others.

Request your favorites!

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